Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Final Thoughts

Driving in darkness, I try for a trailhead from which to position myself for the first touches of the sun’s rays on uplifts of the earth’s crust. 

I sneak up to them, hoping to catch first light that reveals essences prior to full illumination.

I wait for these moments, while mysteries hidden in crevices still wait in darkness. 

I thrive on reflected light not fully revealed, and shrink in its glow with base thoughts, not ordinarily available to me, hints of things to come, seen only in early stages. 

By noon, when day is fully mature, everyone knows.  But who knows with the first rays?

Light’s guiding law directs it, and it pulls me like an addict to places where I nearly swoon. 

The law speaks and light obeys.  But who speaks to the law?

(Pictures of the west side of the Santa Catalina Mountains, taken from the Romero Canyon Trail, starting at Catalina State Park.)

I expect this is the last of my postings on this blog.  I appreciate all the comments left here and also the majority sent as email.  I am most happy for those of you who, for various reasons, cannot go where I have gone, but have found inspiration in these writings and photographs.


  1. Lovely! ... and looking forward to seeing and hearing more!

  2. Every person, a unique journey.

  3. I see the world through your eyes from afar
    The steps you take over untamed terrain
    And knowing not what you might next display:
    The undergrowth, shrubs or a mountain's refrains?

    The cactus, the rocks, the perilous peaks
    No danger seems dark for a soul such as you
    At times into civilized world you sneak
    To highlight achievements or great lab views.

    And though I don't journey alongside your stride
    Nor keep in step at the places you pick
    You brighten my day, with stories from yon
    With posts that escape to my inbox each week.

    O Sharon, had I never ever met you
    This sonnet I sure would ne'er write; 'tis true.

  4. Every person, Steven, a unique journey to a mountain with a unique sunrise.

    Looking forward, Kathabela, cannot be done while looking back.

    Thanks Mandy, for your sonnet of appreciation. I feel you walking alongside in iambic stride.

  5. Sharon, Thank you for sharing the journeys that we can only dream of at this time. You inspire me to write about the many biking and hiking trips that my husband and I used to go on throughout Southern California and Mexico. You bring light to our forgotten memories. Thank you, Stevie

  6. Bicycle trips throughout Socal--yes. Yes pleas do. I can share a few turns of that pedal with you.