Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saguaro—A World of Thorns



Just east of Tucson, lives in solitude a civilization of cacti—Saguaro National Park, freed from danger of man.  They seem scattered and separated, but in this dry land of bleak nourishment and hungry mammals, these hearty beings use every bit of space and myriad spears.

Walk slowly starting here
lest we both get hurt

Who lives within saguaro?
woodpecker who dug the hole
and raised her brood?
or mouse who found it empty?

If you could back away
see yourself as I see you
how many you have sheltered
given space to grow
did any of them thank you?

She built a tall and bulbous life
on thin and rocky start

Saguaro and me
in shadow
in kind

Offspring on her back
like baby possums
barrel cactus

Did fishermen invent the hook
or did the teacher of rodents
barrel cactus

I’ve worked very hard on this hairdo
it’s lovely don’t you think?
and quite necessary
to ward off those
who wish me harm
Teddy bear cholla

Our shadows are not that different
can join, I believe
become one flesh
chain fruit cholla

No one leaves, my friend
no one stays
a message from the dead

No one buries the dead
no one really dies
here on the desert
we fade to something new

Long after she died
her form revealed
the frame that made her strong


  1. Spine tingling! As the plot gets stickier, I see your point.

  2. All your wild friends have relatuves in our neighborhood! I will go visit their wildly growing tamer cousins at Mr. Huntington's garden soon!! They do have shadows too! I will pose with one! Xox from Santa. Barbara!

  3. Yes Steven, I enjoy your humor.
    Yes Kathabela, but they are like animals in a zoo.
    Thanks to you both for commenting.

  4. I love saguaro. They are like people. I like the top photo plus the one with Sherlock Holmes very much. So, like people, saguaro dies also. I see. Those died rest in peace. But I haven't seen a baby saguaro yet. Teenager saguaro, too.